Saturday, December 01, 2007

Alarm over “missing daughters” trend in Vietnam

HANOI (AFP) — Vietnam's birth ratio has become skewed toward boys, a trend that population experts are blaming on a traditional preference for male offspring and the availability of abortion and ultrasound fetal scans.

The international ratio at birth is about 105 boys for every 100 girls, but in Vietnam -- in an echo of trends in China and India -- the imbalance has grown to 110-100 and is as high as 120-100 in some provinces.

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ADRA in Vietnam takes lead in restoring Vietnam’s “missing daughters”

HANOI (ADRA Daily News) — With the arrival of Luu Cong Dinh’s new baby girl on October 30, ADRA in Vietnam has renewed leadership in ensuring the well-being of next generation of women in Vietnam.

ADRA Vietnam’s 14 national staff demonstrate personal responsibility for what is fast becoming an organizational mandate: taking action in Vietnam’s growing gender crisis by positively contributing to improving and maintaining the national male:female gender ratio. They are doing this in a unique way: by personally bringing happy, healthy and beautiful baby girls into the world.

Of eight married national staff members in ADRA in Vietnam, seven have already put this commitment into action with the birth of nine daughters, four born in the last 14 months. The organization’s overall child gender ratio 33 boys to 100 girls (normal population is 105:100). When children of staff recently returned to government posts following successful projects are included, the ratio decreases to 25:100.

“These statistics may seem drastic,” states ADRA's Regional Manager, “but ADRA is a small organization taking on a national issue. We will have to work hard to do our part.”

“The people working for our organization are driven and work hard to promote the roles and rights of women in our community. We are passionate about our role in the development of Vietnam,” said the manager.

ADRA staff also anticipate personal advantages offered by the new initiative. “I look forward to interviewing potential suitors for my own daughter when she comes of age,” announced Hoang Minh Phuong, counselor for ADRA’s CHIC project. “Perhaps I should consider holding a contest.”

The Year of the Golden Pig, traditionally considered a lucky year to give birth to a son, has not stood in the way of ADRA’s dedication to the cause of gender balance in Vietnam. Luu Cong Dinh, parent of ADRA’s most recent addition to the Vietnamese female population announces his “happiness” at the arrival of the 2.9 kg baby girl.

“ADRA staff are living proof of the value of women to assuring the fortunes of Vietnam now and for years to come,” states the Regional Manager, “Perhaps we should consider making this effort a part of our ongoing strategic planning process.”

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