Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last days in Madagascar

I’m sorry I haven’t written any more after my big news announcement, but rest assured, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving (37 people!), and now that the turkey and chicken and potatoes and all else are nothing but a memory, I can say that I sucessfully finished out my time with my two projects, made sure things got handed over, and left the country with no more than the standard variety regrets. Meaning, I’m going to miss my friends and co-workers horribly, but I feel confident that the work will continue. I was blessed with one last weekend together with the people that have meant so much my last two years in Fianarantsoa – and I got to see Kristen and her new baby as they arrived on the Friday evening before I left for Tana. Then I went up to Tana and got down to work getting all of the last minute stuff up there. One of my friends just got a car there, making my last minute errands so, so much more sane. We did one last HASH (weekend hike in the countryside around Tana) with friends, and then, at 5 am on Monday morning, I was off!

And that is the tearless version of how I closed the door on nearly 4 years of my life. Last night as I closed the door to my hotel room behind the bellman, and the last words of volume I were written:

The End

I know this is anticlimactic, but that’s why there’s a volume II.

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