Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't ask much from my footwear designers. I don't need Nike high-top, super-cushioned, inner-spring, memory foam, buckwheat-stuffed, all-terrain, 4WD water-walking running shoes. Nor do I need nine inch nail spike heeled and pointy toed black leather knee-high designer boots. Neither are going to do me any good as 1) I don't run and 2) I don't design or make a habit of walking on men.

I do, however, ask a lot of my footwear. I walk in them. Every day. In all sorts of weather. And, usually, once I find something I like, I wear them until they fall off my feet with a plaintive cry for mercy.

And, I hate shoe shopping. Detest it. Probably because I can never find what I want or need. And that's probably because so many other people love the fact that they can buy a new pair of shoes for every day of the year. Whereas my goal is the find something that I can wear every day of the year and never need another pair.

I like boots. Actually, I really like the boots I have right now. Black, real leather. Basic flat sole with just a hint of a heel. Zipper on the inside, fits snug, ankle high. Børn boots, so they are really well made. I bought them about a year ago, and have probably worn them on 320 days since. I wear them in winter, I wear them in spring, I wear them in fall. Only on the 80 and 90 degree days did I not wear them. They go with almost anything. I wear them hiking, I wore them to my job interviews. They are the perfect Common Sense Boot.

So, are you surprised to learn that Børn no longer makes said boots? And should I be surprised that there is nothing even remotely similar in the line they now offer?

If you have any doubts, go to their website and see for yourself. And then go ahead and check the other boot sellers. Remember, I'm looking for real leather, low-to-no heel, no slouch, will last at least 365 days of continuous wear in all conditions, relatively easy on-and-off, and for goodness sake, NO POINTY TOES, chains, buckles fur, or other bling.

I would pay good money for a pair of well-made boots that fit my needs.

Anybody know a really good cobbler?

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Check your email. ;)